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Business Visa

The Business Visa is available to investors and businesspeople who wish to invest in and conduct business in Nepal. The visa is issued by the Department of Immigration (DOI) upon receipt of the following documents from the applicant:

The fee for a Business Visa varies based on the investment made. For investors investing less than 10 million Nepalese rupees (NPR), the fee is USD 30 per month, USD 300 per year, or USD 1000 for five years. For investors investing more than 10 million NPR, the fee is USD 10 per month, USD 100 per year, or USD 300 for five years. Investors investing more than 100 million NPR are not charged a fee.

If the Business Visa applicant has invested more than 10 million NPR, they must provide ‘Share Details’ along with the other required documents for visa processing.

The Business Visa allows for multiple re-entries; regardless of the time, it is valid.